Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Reflections

Hummingbird on Cactus / ©Carol Flatt

DVD sales have been wonderful this year. Thanks to all of you who not only purchased the DVD but also took the time to send images of your artwork and your comments. Carol sent a glowing review of my instructional DVD that I just had to share with you:

Dear Elizabeth,
Recently, I purchased from you a Download and a DVD with your Paper Painting Process outlined. I wanted to tell you how pleased I was to receive it and immerse myself in this wonderful, new (to me) activity. I'd like to compliment you and your husband on a high quality, beautifully photographed presentation that is one of the best tutorials I have ever used. The color and sound and transitioning are perfect, and the oral description of the process is wonderfully sequenced with just the right amount of dialogue to grasp the concepts. I thank you so much for your efforts in this project and for sharing the talent and skills of your art. It's a highly motivating segment, and I have begun the pack-ratting process!!
I'd like to share my first project. Although not perfect it was a joy to do and a fun learning project. Best wishes to you...

Carol Flatt

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