Friday, December 17, 2010


Reflecting back on 2010, many wonderful opportunities came my way and  I am thankful for each and every one of them. Over the next week or two I'd like to remember some of the people who gave me opportunities and opened doors for me.

The Growing Bolder video piece that was done on me "Creating a Life of Exquisite Harmony" is one of 2010's highlights. The opportunity could not have been possible without Josh Garrick, fellow artist and photographer. Josh put me in touch with Marc Middleton, founder and CEO of Growing bolder, who was initially very interested in my artwork as well as the fact that I had completed my first Triathlon at age 40 and my first half marathon at age 42.

I am proud to say that my story just missed the top ten list for most watched videos of 2010 by Growing Bolder. To date, my story has been viewed 2,478 times!

Thanks to Growing Bolder for telling my story and giving me an amazing video to share. And many thanks to Josh Garrick for making the connection.


  1. Elizabeth - it was great to watch the video... I didn't know about the Lockerbie connection - very sorry about that, but as I wondered how you survived being a survivor, I had a thought (I am after all a school librarian) Maybe (in your spare time) you would consider writing a book - maybe fiction but based on your experiences - or non-fiction if you prefer...I'm sure you would do a great job with it...
    and I'd love to read it. I always need halp with staying positive, something you have somehow mastered...

  2. Kristy, I have often thought of writing a book. I have had a lot of interesting experiences in my life that have made me who I am. I think I need to work with someone who can truly write though. My sister would be a good one to help. :) thanks for your kind words. someday I'll write a memoir maybe. it sure would be a crazy trip down memory lane!


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