Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cherie's Progress

Cherie (right) and I, somewhere in Spain, 1984

Cherie is making the long trip home to Vero Beach today from Atlanta! She's all finished at Shepherd Center for spinal cord rehab. They are driving 10 hours, stopping every half hour for her to reposition. She is returning to her sister's house and I encourage anyone who'd like to send a hand-made or even a store-bought card to welcome her home! The family has used donated funds from and the book I produced, to help pay for a manual lift, installing a ramp, and widening doorways in their home.

February 2nd is Cherie's 43rd birthday, won't you consider sending her a note? I'm planning to drive down and visit her. I'm sure that embarking on this new year of her new life is overwhelming, and I know that our thoughts and cards can only help.

Thanks for caring about Cherie:

Cherie Stannard
c/o Sue Merrick
515 11th Court
Vero Beach, FL 32962


  1. Great news ! Home is home after all...I am sure that that itself will make her feel so much better...I was already feeling guilty that I have not yet sent her a card...But each time I write something...I will get stuck and wonder if I am writing too much...too lil...Am I using the right language...But now I have got a great opportunity to send a card...Her ! Thanks Elizabeth !

  2. Good news....consider it done.

    Have a blessed day:)


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