Friday, January 21, 2011

Fine Feathers

To create this extreme horizontal format my husband attached a 20x24 and a 16x20 set of American Easel Wood Painting Panels together for me. He use wood filler to smooth the surface on the front and used both screws and glue to adhere the panels together.

After the sketch was completed and the wood was primed, I completed an under-painting as I always do. I posted the underpainting to my Facebook fan page and had a couple of people ask why I would want to cover the painting with paper, because it was already so nice! I appreciated these compliments, but I try never to fall in love with my under-painting for just this reason.

"Fine Feathers", 20x40, collage of hand painted papers on cradled wood panel

Upon close examination of the final piece, I'm sure you will agree that covering the under-painting with my collage technique was still the way to go! I delivered this piece to the Grand Bohemian Gallery in Downtown Orlando and they are quite pleased with it. If you live locally, you can go downtown and see it in person!


  1. Wow, your work is amazing. I can see why after the underpainting you use the papers as it just gives it that spectacular effect....beautiful

  2. The under painting is good, but the collage brings it alive.

  3. The underpainting was very good - but the painted paper painting is fantastic!!

  4. Thank you for your kind words! I found that I could express more what I wanted with painted paper than the paint brush alone, I could get the effects i wanted and the feeling I wanted this way...


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