Monday, February 14, 2011

Liberty Pines Academy

Top: Student Collage Work
Bottom: Meet The Artist, Slide Presentation, Liberty Pines Academy PTO

Sherri Edens sent me a Facebook message a few days ago and showed me a photo of a second grade student's collage that she said was inspired by my work! She then proceeded to tell me that the PTO at Liberty Pines Academy put together a presentation for their students all about me and my artwork! check out the great company I am with in the Liberty Pines Meet The Artist Program

Now if you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I volunteer monthly at the elementary school behind my house in a PTA sponsored program called Art See. In this program, we present famous artists and a project that reinforces their style to grades K-5. I have been a presenter and a coordinator of this program for seven years. I also am a co-chair of the PTA Reflections Art, Video, Dance, Music, and Literature annual student contest with end-of-year art show, at the same school. 

I LOVE to inspire kids in art. This year I presented my work and taught collage to six fifth grade classes and it's a wonderful feeling to teach something to children and watch them take it and run with it. I have said this before, and I can't say it enough... if it were not for my public high school art teacher, I would have never gone to college for art. My teacher inspired me to pursue a career in art and helped me put together a portfolio that got me accepted into the Fine Art program at Syracuse University. Without her encouragement I would not be where I am today.

Take a moment to look at the presentation that Sherri Edens and her co-volunteers put together to show the children about my life, my work, my inspiration and my style: 

I can't tell you how FLATTERED I am to be featured in this program. It was a complete surprise to me! Thank you Sherri for all you do in presenting art to children and thank you for including me in your Meet The Artist program.


  1. Oh wow...again you have wowed me with the use of your time which certainly must mean that you have given up sleeping and eating. And you are so right, the presentation on your art work was skillfully done. As an elementary teacher (for 32 years) I would look at these helpful illustrations and instructions and I would be so excited to do it with kids. Is there no art program in this school, Elizabeth? Are they depending on volunteers? Or is this in addition to the art program. It breaks my heart to see art set aside in budgeting.

  2. Ginny, in our school the PTA program is a supplement to the art program. The PTA wanted to give the kids more. I suspect it is the same there.


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