Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cherie's Progress

Me and the Birthday Girl, February 2, 2011

Today got out on the FL Turnpike in my smart car and made the 2+ hour trip to Vero Beach to visit Cherie for her birthday. Got stuck behind a couple of big HUGE trucks carrying citrus on route 60 in Vero and could not help but wonder how the ones on the bottom do not get totally crushed. Then I figured, they probably do since FL citrus is primarily for juice anyway....

Cherie has been home less than a week and they are still trying to work out a system for her care, but overall she seemed really well as did her sister and sister in law. I finally got to meet Milla (say mee-lah) the cat subject of many awesome portraits! She stepped on my iPhone and almost sent a text from the kitchen table.

Cherie's tracheotomy has been surgically closed and should be healed soon, hence the gauze you see at the base of her neck in this photo. Doesn't she just look great with her big smile and her new hair cut? She is in a temporary wheel chair here until her custom made ride is ready.

We spent the day eating, drinking tea, and talking -- just like the old days! We had a very nice visit, her sister Sue and sister in law Alison took advantage of my being there to run some errands and gather up some birthday surprises. The plan is that the family will have order-in Thai food tonight in celebration of Cherie's 43rd.

I'm was really touched at one point when Cherie choked back the tears to tell me that all the cards and letters she has received as a result of this blog have meant more to her than I could ever know. She said that she could never thank me (and all of you) enough for that. She told me that she was amazed at the ripple effect that I had caused, all over the world, by throwing in that stone and asking people to reach out to a stranger in need.

So thank you she says. from the bottom of her heart on her 43rd birthday.


  1. So glad to see she is back home and doing well! I am so touched by your friendship and know how special it is to have a good friendship in your like you two have. Thanks for the update!

  2. You ladies look just fantastic! Things seem to be going well so good news. Thanks as always for the update.

  3. I'm so glad you got to spend a good day with Cherie and that she had a truly happy birthday. She's right about you creating waves by tossing a stone in to ask for cards, artwork, etc. for her. What a great thing!

  4. Well thanks for all your compliments and your continued interest, four months later. We sure appreciate it!

  5. You both look great and I am happy to hear everyone is getting in the grove. It will be a tough journey but Cherie sounds like she has the family and friends who love her enough to get her to her new life. That is amazingly impressive.


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