Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paper Paintings Book Cover Art

Israel Parker is Closet Independent Writer

A couple of days ago I received an email from Israel Parker. He said that he happenned upon my work when he accidentally clicked "next blog" from the top of his own blog and there I was featured on Jessica Carter's blog (thank you Jessica!) from when she took a collage workshop with me. (Jessica was both of my kid's kindergarten teacher and she happened upon my artwork while flipping through Cloth, Paper Scissors Magazine!)

Talk about serendipity!

Israel said that when he happened upon my work, he knew it was just what he wanted for the cover of his book, especially since one of the characters in the book is a painter. The book is a story about a Newfoundland who loses his precious master in the sinking of a fishing boat off the coast of Maine. You remember that I am from New England and have been to visit Maine quite a few times in my youth, even spent a week in a fishing village one summer with my family!

Israel is self publishing his first book and the title is The Anne Marie you can read a snippet of it on his blog.

I am excited about working with an up and coming writer on his first book. I am happy that it will combine both my fine art and graphic design skills as I have to keep in mind incorporating the title of the book and the name of the author along with the artwork for the 6x9 cover.

 I'll let you know more about the book and the cover as we progress


  1. With all you've been doing lately, I can't keep up even reading about it - but I have a feeling 2011 is going to be your year!!! Congratulations, Elizabeth :)

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!! No coincidences! That's great Elizabeth!
    Sheila A.k.A. lol 'Sophie'

  3. Thanks guys and feel free to hop on over to Israel's blog and comment there, I think he'd love your comments. Rhonda, I hope you are right! Busy busy busy

  4. I love when these things happen to good people. I'll be looking forward to seeing the art you do for Israel's cover. The book sounds like a bit of a tear-jerker. Sad animal stories get me somewhere down deep... I'll probably be crying by page 10.

  5. Elizabeth,

    Your post is so kind. I am beginning to expect that from you. Your art, simply put, is one of a kind. Your story in itself is something that touched my heart in a very real way. I am honored to paired with you on this adventure. Folks out there, if you haven't already looked into Elizabeth and her truly remarkable life please do so. Her art and story and truly unique and I believe will become timeless treasures. I just hope that my writing will be as good as the artwork on it's cover.

    Israel Parker
    ClosetIndependent writer

  6. Congrats elizabeth! I look forward to seeing this!


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