Monday, February 27, 2012

Palms for Key West

Palms, Photography, ©Douglas Nelson, 2011

Key West Coconuts #2, 24x24, collage on wood panel, ©St.Hilaire Nelson 2012

 Many of you know that my husband Douglas Nelson is a professional photographer who I art direct for my own purposes while on vacation! Last year we attended a wedding in Jamaica and I got him to take reference photos for my upcoming Key West show at Stone Soup Gallery on White Street.

As you can see, I have taken artistic license with the images. I have added coconuts, cropped, deleted branches, and pushed the color. Once I establish a sketch and basic under-painting from the photo, I put it away and deviate in the collage phase. In the end, the collage will have a look of its own.

Not only is it great to have a photographer on your team, but one you can ask to photograph your art as well as your reference materials, I'm in heaven. My husband spends countless hours photographing my work for archiving and reproduction. He uses his professional digital equipment to give me fantastic quality images. He also takes my head shots for PR and editorial purposes.

If you don't have someone like Doug at your disposal, you can always create your artwork on a small scale and utilize your own desktop scanner with high resolution, you can contact a professional in your area and ask about having your work photographed, or you can find a service bureau near you with a large format flat bed scanner. Often times you can negotiate an arrangement for low cost on scans if you offer volume.

As a result of my photos, I can offer any of my artwork images to you as a beautiful giclée print on either gallery wrapped canvas or textured paper. I have a printer in Orlando who does an amazing quality job and ships directly to you flat boxed.

For more information about prints, contact me.

Palms, Photography, ©Douglas Nelson, 2011

Key West Palms 20x24, collage on wood panel, ©St.Hilaire Nelson 2012


  1. It's fun to see the inspiration for your collages. Thanks for showing us the before and after.

  2. So great that you share your work and the process! It really helps for beginning collage artists to learn. I am a photographer and artist and now I see how an image of mine can be made into a collage..thanks so much..your work amazes me! Such a talent!


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