Monday, February 27, 2012


Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

After reading Alyson Stanfield's Blog today about Pinterest, as well as several recent articles on how it's just TAKEN OFF, I decided I needed to get on that train. So I spent some of this morning putting together boards of my favorite things; recipes, art, fashion, and books to name a few. Such fun searching for fun things to "pin."

The idea of Pinterest as a marketing tool is to show your audience who you are as a person. To give your art fans an insight into some of the other things you like such as funky glasses and high heeled eclectic shoes and fashions you know you'll never wear but would like to.

I also had been told by folks that they had found my art in Pinterest already. How cool is that? So I did a search of myself and low and behold, there was a lot of collages pinned in there!

It's fun to look and see what your friends like, the colors and fashion and art they enjoy. I had a great time trying to remember my favorite recipes and books I had read. My favorite artists came to mind quick, but the titles of pieces I own, I might have to go back and flip them over to look!


  1. I had already pinned some of your work to my Pinterest board and now I've added this one.
    Pinterest can be addictive.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I am a new fan of your work, and am in total awe of your ability and artistic flair! I would love to learn from you in one of your workshops. Do you have any plans to come to Australia? I realise we are a LONG way away, but it is a wonderful country to visit!! Amanda

  3. Hi Amanda, if you can get me at least 10 students and pay my travel expenses I will come! LOL i have had LOTS of inquiries from Australia.

    Jo, I am realizing that all to quickly!


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