Thursday, March 8, 2012

Key West Ships Today!

27 pieces, some large, some small, are shipping to Key West's Stone Soup Gallery in four large boxes today via good old FedEx Ground. I just have to figure out how to get these boxes into the store! Typically if they see me coming with one, they will come out and help me with the rest. My FedEx store knows me well.

Butterfly Strings #1 / collage on wood panel / 20x24

Florida Oranges #1 / collage on wood panel / 12x12

I am sending Stone Soup a wide variety of pieces, some newly created just for them, and some I have in my inventory. Florida Oranges #1 and #2 were done over the workshop weekend in North Carolina. I had Stone Soup in mind when I used Florida Oranges #1 as my demo piece.

Key West Lighthouse / collage on wood panel / 10x22

I am looking forward to heading down to the gallery next week! My husband and my kids are heading down for the show and some R&R next wednesday. I'll be teaching a two half-day class over the weekend on the 17/18 if you are close by and interested.

Blueberry Bliss / collage on panel / 24x24


  1. These are great; my favorite has to be the blueberry bliss - all those blues and lemon pie? What could be better? Good luck on the showing, the workshop, and the family vacation time.


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