Friday, March 16, 2012

Key West Show Opening

Sean Callahan (fellow New Englander) and I at the opening

The Stone Soup Gallery opening was a hit last night! We sold several pieces between the afternoon and the opening, I could not be more happy. Many people came out to see the show and meet the artist. The gallery director Sean Callahan and I had a great time goofing around. We met when he took my workshop almost four years ago in Amelia Island.

My son is always impressed with Mom's accomplishments!

I am enjoying exploring Key West with the family. We visited the Southernmost point for sunset on Friday, we had an amazingly tasty breakfast/brunch at Blue Heaven today. We indulged in homemade ice cream and mile high Key Lime Pie. I took a training run around the island yesterday morning, dodging roosters on Duvall St. and appreciating the view of the ocean from the Aids Memorial at the end of White Street. 

Coconut Palms and Stone Soup Gallery patrons
Butterfly Strings and Night Owls

Key West is a very cool place. I saw a lot of bumper stickers and wrist bands that said "One Human Family" so I had to ask a local. What it means is that people are gay/lesbian friendly, believing that this tight knit community is one big family that accepts everyone and does not judge. I really am loving the vibe here. 

me and the kids at the end of the world

Tomorrow is day one of the workshop here in the gallery, I'm really looking forward to playing with painted paper and collage with some very excited students. Stay tuned for updates from that. 


  1. Hi Elizabeth! I just discovered your art and blog tonight on Pintrest. Actually I had pinned one of your peacocks a while back but didn't investigate the origin. So know I'm on your blog and can't see enough of your amazing art. I'm absolutely crazy about it! I too am an artist but suddenly don't feel like a very good one.:) I just had to tell you how fabulous your paper paintings are. Fresh and fabulous!!! I will be visiting often and following your success.

  2. Wow Roxanne! thank you so much! If you are on FB you can also follow my fan page:

    and PLEASE I am sure you are a wonderful artist! you can not compare yourself to others, have confidence, be true to yourself, and march to your own drum with your head high!

    Thanks for finding me on Pinterest, that's all the rage these days it seems. I just put myself in there a few weeks ago. Thanks for pinning one of my peacocks. I love them, they are my favorite subject.

    thank you thank you!!

  3. What fun to see your work hanging in the gallery, being enjoyed by interested patrons. Seeing the work hung in same size - same theme pairs helps we realize the strength that continuity adds to an exhibit of work, whether it's continuity of size, shape, theme, frame/no frame. There's an elegance that goes missing when too much variety is added to a wall of work. Good job!

  4. Thank you Jo! my upcoming Noah's Ark exhibit carries the same theme of sets of twos on the gallery wrapped board. You are so right, the pairs and the continuity of gallery boxed wood with the art wrapping around the edges. it makes for a cohesive look and it sure does make a difference.


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