Thursday, March 22, 2012

Progression of the "she fowl"

©St.Hilaire Nelson, sketch on cradled birch panel, 36x24

The female peacock marks my FINAL piece of the 50 for my Noah's Ark Series Solo Exhibition at the Thrasher Horne Center for the Arts. This show opens April 27th and runs through June 16. I need to finish the artwork this week in order to print the Exhibition Guide I have been designing.

©St.Hilaire Nelson, sketch with beginning under-painting on cradled birch panel

All of my pieces start with a pencil sketch on a clear primed birch wood panel. I prime clear in order to give myself the freedom to leave some of the grain and striation of the wood showing through, should I so desire. This is a decision I a make somewhere along the way, and it's not pre-planned.

I block in the local color and define my values with the underpainting. I am playing with the background paint application as I intend to leave the green above her head painted. This decision I THINK is made, but we shall see what happens when I get into the glue.

©St.Hilaire Nelson, under-painting on cradled birch panel

The "she fowl" is in my studio drying, I'll add collage application later in the day today or this evening. Most of the time I work at night and on the weekends as graphic design is my day job. Every now and then you do see daylight behind my easel in a photo though. I snuck out there this morning at 5:30 and this afternoon around 1:00pm. Nothing like a deadline to motivate!


  1. I'm so excited for you that you are nearly finished! I love the idea of a Noah's Ark exhibition - so perfect for you. You have an amazing ability to capture the strength, beauty, quirkiness and character of each animal.
    Dreaming of the day when I can actually buy one of your artworks...

  2. Congratulations on hitting your deadline. I never doubted you would as I've come to understand your incredible work ethic. She Fowl will be quite wonderful.
    Will your exhibition catalog be available online?

  3. Thanks Jo!! YES i am planning to have SIGNED copies of the guide available from me. I'm having them printed locally. :)

  4. i am sad that this series is almost complete. i have soooo enjoyed seeing each piece as it progresses on your easel. but now i'm looking forward to seeing what you will create next. i think a series of animal babies would be cute.

  5. Thanks Julie!! I have a show in Asheville NC in June. Stay tuned. ;))

  6. i hope, hope, hope Noah's Ark becomes a book!!!!

  7. The Noah's Ark exhibit will have a printed exhibition guide. it went to my local printer yesterday!!!!! it's 56 pages and will be spiral coil bound. they will be available through me, signed. :)


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