Monday, June 23, 2008

Scrap Bag Studies

More work in the 12x12 format. I have decided to limit myself to the "scrap bag." for these pieces as an added challenge. The scrap bag is a big white heavy-duty paper (and oh how I love nice paper!) Anthropologie bag with red fabric handles, it was such a beautiful bag, I had to find another use for it once I brought my purchase home in it. As I work on collage and rip and tear bits of paper, there are always scraps, leftovers, pieces that either did not work, that fell to the floor of the studio or sit at the base of the easel. Here are two more tea themed "scrap bag studies." I am continuing to keep the detail to a minimum by limiting my resources and limiting my time frame. I am mostly keeping each collage to 1.5 hours. The time limit is pushing my sense of spontaneity and I feel the work is fresh and fun, as is the subject matter. These pieces were created yesterday, Sunday. 

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