Tuesday, June 17, 2008


After driving a mini van for almost ten years, I was longing for something a little more unique and fun. Everything we looked at that would still be large enough for shuttling to and from art shows, was not big enough to allow for the kids to have a friend. We came up with an alternative idea all together. I decided to keep the van for the kids, the dog, the groceries and for the delivery of my artwork to and from shows, rather than replace it. Yesterday we added a smart car to our "fleet" for me to attend art openings (you know, the second trip to the venue in the same week!), go to lunch with other artists, go to the post office to mail out self promotional art packets, go to the bank to cash art sales checks, pickup Starbucks to stay awake enough at night to create new art, go to the gym to have strength to hang a show.... all these things that I do in the car when it's just me!

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