Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Strutting and Schelpping My Stuff!

This month I have been featured as the solo artist at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in Melbourne, FL. It has been really exciting being the solo artist at this very professional and beautiful gallery. This got me thinking that July is here again, and that marks a year since I was the featured Artist of the Month at the Orlando Museum of Art. These opportunities to really strut your stuff are few and far between. As an artist, I really have had to work hard to score such an opportunity. In both cases, Fifth Avenue Art Gallery and the Orlando Museum of Art, this opportunity was based on merit. I was awarded the solo exhibition at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery because I won "Best of Show" last year in their 100% Pure Florida competition, the solo show was the payoff. I must say it has paid off a second time with sales from the show! Thanks to everyone at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery who have worked very hard to represent my work. The Orlando Museum of Art show, one year ago in July, was awarded as a result of many months of submissions to First Thursdays and the work catching the eye of Jamieson Thomas, the museum shop manager and buyer. As the featured Artist of the Month, I sold two pieces of my work, and a third piece went on to the National Collage Society show in Delray Beach. This piece also sold when it returned to Orlando, to a local friend of the arts–– Lezlie Laws–– who was very patient and waited for "Reflection," which she first saw and fell in love with at the OMA, to be available four months later! Jamieson has also been very successful in the sales of my "Paper Paintings" books and cards at the OMA Museum Shop over the past year. Today I am reflecting on these wonderful opportunities I have had to be a featured artist, and giving thanks to all the folks behind the scenes at galleries and museums who work so hard to help me strut my stuff!

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