Friday, November 21, 2008

eBay Cupcake Collage

Strawberry Cupcake Click to Bid
12x12 framed in natural light wood 
This is an original fine art collage, "Paper Painting" on wood panel, framed in 1.5-inch natural light wood contemporary squared edge molding, and signed by the artist. It is from my cupcakes series and would look nice in the kitchen! 

For coffee and tea lovers, there are many scraps of Starbucks bags in the foreground of this piece, with tea bags for the cake wrapper and book pages for the frosting. The ochre background is acrylic paint glazed over wood panel, with the grain and striation showing through. The yellow rectangle on the horizon line is a Tazo tea bag tag!

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  1. Your work is absolutely stunning! Your talent just boggles my mind.
    Saw your art in Cloth Papser Scissors. Thanks so much for sharing!


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