Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Final Pieces

Flower Cupcake and Pink Whip Cupcake 12x12
Final Paper Paintings of the two cupcakes. I hoped that YOU, my blog subscribers and viewers, would help decide which cupcake you liked the best for my friend Christine.


  1. Great to see your process, I love these cupcakes. I think my favourite is the bottom Pink Whip one - it looks like it's doing a little dance.

  2. I am amazed! Gorgeous!!! I love seeing you process. Thanks so much!

  3. Hard decision!!! I am torn, but Graham likes the one on bottom.

  4. I love your work!!! Although I do think both are great, the bottom one is my pick.

  5. These are just amazing...yummmmmmmmm!!!!

    I have to try this torn paper method...

    thanks for inspiring us...


  6. I am thinking about putting some small cupcake collages on eBay again, 12x12 framed in natural wood moulding. When I do, I will also post it on my blog with a link to the auction.


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