Thursday, November 13, 2008

Growth, Change, Hope

New Branch Series
I have been working on a series of branches and flowering trees. These pieces are at the request of Juxtapose Gallery in Westfield, NJ. Gerri Gildea has had success with Paper Paintings there, recently selling Infusion and Moritake Butterfly, as well as Dogwoods

Juxtapose is a small gallery in a very unique town. Having grown up in Westfield, MA– I do smile every time I address a package to Westfield, NJ! Simple things make me smile.

Let me know what you think of the Growth, Change, Hope series, won't you? 


  1. I love them both for different reasons. On the top one I love how the leaves pop off the cream background and the letters/and words on the leaves.

    On the blue piece, I love the white swirls in the background. The texture of the leaves seem more luxurious on this piece.

    In the top photo, I love that you show a piece of your workspace! The folders cans, the scraps of paper. It's great!

  2. These are lovely.
    The first one has almost an illustration quality to it, while the second seems more painterly.
    Both terrific.

  3. i found you thru the feature in paper, cloth, scissors! i love what you do and particularly like the top collage in this post. i'm a mixed media artist as well, specializing in what i call torn paper collage. i'm off to check out more of your wonderful work!

  4. Love the second one!!! It really pops off the background as if it was 3 dimensional...really comes to life!

  5. wow! thanks for all the input. it's great to get comments and ideas from people viewing my work! I struggled more with the first one, the second one was much more free flowing, that might explain the painterly quality of it. those swirls are perforated out of a laser cut lace paper, I love them too! they are so subtle because they are white, and when I glue them they disappear, they only come back when the glue dries!


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