Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Obama Victory

Where Were You on Election Day 2008?
A Brighter Future, 18x24, collage on panel
This Paper Portrait was completed last night as the election results poured in. This morning it is the featured collage on my website.

Last night in my studio I was working and listening to NPR, but it was my husband who kept running out with the good news, who really kept me on top of the CNN coverage and results. "Take a break and come in!" he kept saying as I struggled with the corners of Obama's smile. And so, I was back and forth between the studio and the living room...

I was really hoping Obama would win the majority vote in Florida. For the past three weeks I have been phone banking and canvassing as a volunteer for the Barak Obama Campaign for Change. I was lucky enough to attend both FL Rallies with my good friend and fellow volunteer, Jodi. We even took our young daughters to the midnight rally in Kissimmee! The campaign was up against a big challenge here in the I-4 Corridor of Central Florida. Obama actually did it, he won the Orlando area... all our volunteering efforts made a difference. Yes We Can!

Everyone will always remember what they were doing on this historical election day. I was lucky enough to be doing what I really enjoy and believed in. I did phone banking for the Obama Campaign for four hours in the morning, and I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I was when I arrived at our Longwood office to find volunteers filling the rooms to the point that there were no more chairs! We had to sit on coolers at card tables in the "food room" to make our phone calls, urging voters to get out and make their voices count. Speaking of food, that also poured in, in the arms of volunteers who just walked up the steps and said, "what can I do to help?"

After completing all my phone banking sheets, I headed over to my son's elementary school for Art See, a PTA sponsored program that presents famous artists to students at the elementary school level. On election day, I taught 3rd graders about the abstract art of Paul Klee. I reminded them that art did not need to look like a photograph, and that everyone has a different view of the world, that is what makes us unique and individual.

In the evening I went to work in my backyard art studio, which I am so fortunate to have since it keeps me close to home and my family, but carves out a space where I can do what I love -- surrounded by piles of bits and pieces and scraps of paper, a wonderful mess!

I truly believe that with our new leader, our country is going to head in a new direction. I have learned through volunteering that people from all different backgrounds can come together and work toward a common goal, even though they might have different views, toward a brighter future.

A Brighter Future - Unframed
24" x 18" (61.0cm x 45.8cm)
collage on Panel
$400 plus $12.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.


  1. What a beautiful commemoration for such an historical event. The rays of sunlight coming from behind Obama symbolize the hope and joy the majority of us feel after eight years of darkness. Well done!

  2. What a memorable tribute to an unforgettable event brought about by our believing in his confident words that We Can and We Did!

    Yesterday while you were calling people,I was poll watching down the street at the corner of Douglas and 434 (almost). What a memorable experience this was to watch the diverse group of men and women, first timers some, come in to pick up their ballot, hold it close and then darken the bubbles (what one of the pollworkers called the the blank ovals.) All the darkened bubbles burst forth last night out of Grant Park with his heartfelt words. You can find them to read at

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for expressing and sharing your artistic gifts with us.

  3. It's amazing to me the diversity of the people I have met and have gotten to know through volunteering. I am so glad I have my art as a way to express my hope and joy for our future in this country under the leadership of this truly extraordinary man!

  4. What a wonderful portrait...and for such an historical moment!!!
    It should be hanging in the White House itself!!
    It is such a special time in history. I've haven't woken up in the morning with such a hopeful feeling in a very long time. Been brought to tears several times over!
    YES....WE CAN!!

  5. I think that President Obama will be celebrated in art in a way that has not occurred since FDR... or maybe Lincoln. It's great to see the world's joy expressed in photos of celebrants from every country-- they have the same glow and hope I see in your wonderful portrait!

  6. This is fantastic. I found you via the current issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. You are so talented and your work has inspired me to try my hand at paper paintings collage. I'm going to feature you and your work next week on my blog. I do a Monday Marvels series on artists I find marvelous! So glad I found you.

  7. Thanks for the link to the handbags...those are wonderful!!! How great for you.
    Nice to meet another creative gal from Ma.
    If it gets any colder here...I may go south myself!

  8. beautiful work!

    he's absolutely amazing! and my gosh, a president who is caring, articulate and worldly?! upgrade for sure :)


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