Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barnyard Friends and Fowl

Counting Sheep
24x20, mixed media collage on panel
This latest collage in the barnyard series for my solo show at KB Gallery was based on a photo sent to me by my friend, and former art teacher, Champ. 

I tried to pump up the color from the original, I loved the feeling of the two sheep side-by-side in the original photo, however I am ALL about color and that monochrome of the photo really needed to be pushed into having more life. On this one I actually did the Paper Painting process without the reference photo so as not to be influenced in my color palette, and  just to see how it would come out.

Let me know what you think!


  1. Love it.
    I agree with you about the color. The original photo was much too mono.
    The color you've added gives it a great punch and a new life!

  2. What a difference does color make ... what I see is the two sheep are ready to move, to be on the go.

    I marvel at what you do to create the spirit of life in your artistry! Fascinating and lovely it is to me! Have a good trip --- I assume you are on your way today and the weather is not good up north! Hope there are not too many delays!

  3. oh, i so like how you pumped up the color on this piece!!! your use of color and amazing attention to detail inspire me!


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