Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day Two

How Now Brown Cow?
Here is day two on the cow front. I have started to fill in the cow face and nose, which is my favorite part next to the eyes. The nose has been totally created from handmade paper by local artist Judith Segal. Her paper has such wonderful bumpy texture with bits and scraps of glitter and lint and colors, it's perfect! My next post will show a closeup larger photo of this and other highly textured areas, per a great suggestion by WW.

Building the whites with magazine print, book print, old book print, maps and Connor's workbook pages is a challenge in creating highlight with bright white paper, and shading around the side of the face to a more yellow white, which is old book pages. Keeping in mind all the while that the glue darkens some papers more than others.

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  1. Oh..he's looking just beautiful!
    Thanks soo much for kicking up the size of the pic. I love being able to get a closer look at all the detail and textures.


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