Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy to Inspire

Yarn Artist Tries Her Hand at Paper
Kaite Matilda makes art from fabric and yarn, and she does a beautiful job of it! Her blog Yarngarden features wonderful hand-sewn collages. Take a minute to click and visit, they are worth seeing!

Kaite is from Australia and I found her via my Google Alert the other day. The alert came up because Kaite Matilda has me in her blog sidebar as one of her Favourite Sites! I marveled at how small technology has made the word as I left a comment for Kaite on her blog and she emailed me back. She told me that her "Waving Girls" collage by her profile was of paper, and was inspired by my collage work and an article she had read on my technique.

I wanted to share Kaite's collage to all my blog friends, her work is very different from mine, it's hard edges cut with a blade. I like the use of stamps, envelopes, and the playfulness of the "Waving Girls" Anyone who has followed my work for a while knows I love whimsical!

So, I am thrilled to know that I inspired another artist in Australia to try something new. Technology does make the world smaller. Thanks Kaite for sending me the image to share.

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