Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For the Birds

The last of the Original Eight Birds
Bluebird, 10x10, collage on panel
Here is the last of the eight birds I started and showed all the sketches and under-paintings for a few weeks ago. The birds have sold well and have been going fast! I have been asked to produce more small pieces like the birds, however I have to move on to another subject matter. Any suggestions? please send me ideas for what you would might like to see in a small format collage. I have done cupcakes, was thinking about donuts, and might consider fruit, any others?


  1. Elizabeth,

    You know I love your work!

    Do you like barns? I think that would be a good subject.


  2. Your work is so wonderful its really tempting me to have a go at creating some collages too...for your next theme i would love to see some owls i think they are a fabulous subject that would look well in your style of art

  3. So beautiful, just love this collage. Just in time for spring -if it would arrive and just stay!

  4. Owls sounds like a cool idea. I am going to put another subject between birds and owls however, since I really want to mix it up and owls are more small things with feathers! I was thinking donuts, I don''t know why. or something along that line. I did a series of tea and coffee cups too, maybe that could go hand in hand.

  5. What about signs of spring? Flowering branches? Melting ice? Or ice for winter? Beautiful work.


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