Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Small Art in Small Spaces

Bird on a Wire
12x12, collage on panel

I started this collage this morning at the beach house in Outer Banks, North Carolina. I had to put it in the sink so that my spattering and dripping paint would not make the mess that I am free to make in my home studio. Working here, I have brought a stick easel and I have it set up in the living room. For the initial paint stages however, I worked on the kitchen counter and in the sink. 

I have worked on this piece in multiple sittings today, and hope to have it finished tomorrow. The under-painting looks really nice, so I am going to try to leave a good portion of it showing through in the finished piece, along with some of the pencil lines.


  1. Elizabeth, this is so pretty! I love the drippy texture! One thing that is so amazing about your work is that the 'under-paintings'
    are so beautiful.

  2. You are an inspiration to all of us who think we've got no place to paint! Looking forward to seeing the finished product -- you seem to collage exactly the right portions of your underpaintings.


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