Saturday, July 4, 2009

Small Space Bamboo

Bamboo Garden
16x12, collage of hand painted paper with acrylic, on panel

Did you know that some bamboo grows 12 inches per DAY? that is crazy, you could watch it grow! 

This bamboo photo was taken by my husband at Leu Gardens in Orlando. We spent a day there some months ago and he took many beautiful botanical photos that I hope to use for future collage reference. I enjoy painting nature because I can work in more color than anyone could imagine, and it all seems to make sense. And I love color!

My next botanical I have on the easel is a pineapple that I based on a photo my 9-year old son shot on our Hawai'i trip. He worked so hard to get me just the right image! Stay tuned for images of that one.


  1. Thanks for a great series of posts! Besides watching all your great artwork in progress -- in almost no space -- I've learned how to post pictures without a scanner or camera card reader.

  2. Oooooh, I love this. It's bamboo and it's abstract. So often people confuse the terms abstract and non-representational when the word abstract means that the artist has found the essence of the subject and painted it without copying as a camera would. You're good at that.
    Have a fun-filled Fourth with your family. My DH is "off his feed" today due to gum surgery so we're keeping a low profile for the weekend.

  3. JO, you are absolutely right! I love to really veer away from the photo, I am going to post the bamboo photo and talk about that!!

  4. lovely piece! i'm enjoying watching you work on larger pieces in small spaces!

  5. This is wonderful! You have a lovely technique and use of color in this piece...and fun that you have shared a photo of your work space. It's always interesting to see how other artists work. Thanks for sharing.

  6. keep in mind that this work space is on vacation! I have a full studio at home. I wanted to blog about working on the road and working on vacation in order to remind all you artists out there that you can do it, even with limited supplies and limited space. These pieces are 12x16 which is much smaller than the 20x24 I usually work in! small pieces are good for vacation because you can complete them in less time, then you don't feel like you are working as hard!


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