Thursday, July 2, 2009

Small Space Bird

12x12, collage of hand-painted papers on panel

The little bird is complete! He is cute and will be at my "Rip Curl" two-person exhibit at the LoPressionism Gallery in Melbourne, FL opening July 17.


  1. You have captured a glint in this little bird's eye that says I see you. It is a mystery when I sense this awareness flowing from our feathered friends. What do they actually sense? They are aware of our presence, but not all birds all the time. When this sensitivity happens it is magic. What a delightfully fun small piece is this work of your's, Elizabeth.

  2. Oh, Wow! I don't know how I stumbled upon your blog but I've spent a good hour looking at all your wonderful collages. Ever since I took a workshop two years ago with Gerald Brommer, I've been interested in working with collage, but there aren't all that many collage artists that do what I want to do. These are awesome!

  3. I love this one, and am very much looking forward to the show in Melbourne... maybe even the demonstration...the 'drip' background is very interesting..I like it (although I can't imagine why anyone would care if I like it! haha)

  4. Mary's right about the glint in the bird's eye. "I see you" would be a good title, and when I first saw the underpainting I thought, "Bird on a Wire". As usual, you captured the bird... or rather, his personality.

  5. There is a Chinese fortune in this one from my dinner at the hotel on the way to the beach house, it says "Someone Close to you Seeks Reconciliation" I used that in the background and so I called it Reconciliation, hoping folks might look a little harder to find that embedded clue!


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