Monday, August 31, 2009

New Web Design

I am Happy to announce that thanks to my fantastic husband, I once again have a very cool new web design! Check out how he incorporated collage into the look of the pages. It was Doug's idea to have me collage the "links" so that they better demonstrated my style and use of bold color. I create my collages on the very wood panel that is in the background of the design.

If you have never been to my website, you can see a gallery of work that is regularly updated, print a newsletter, copy of my brochure, newsletter or resume, and check out the art galleries I am associated with. Have a look and let me know what you think. I know you will think I am lucky to have such a talented and generous husband!


  1. Hi Elizabeth!!!

    oh wonderful !!! the site looks great ....your husband did a wonderful job on it!!!


  2. Perfect!

    Your husband had a great idea and you followed through beautifully.


  3. very appealing your design for your website really find beautiful what you do with torn paper and colour

  4. Fantastically artful and uniquely individual webpage. Your husband is clever and your work is so appealing - I spent quite a long time viewing all of your paper paintings. Can't choose a favorite, of course, as they are all so well done, but I do really like that nest and think nests should be your next series.

  5. the new website looks awesome - love the collaged links! and those blueberries look luscious!!

    you won my scrap giveaway by the way - congrats!! email me your snail mail and I'll ship off your stuff.

    thank you again for participating!

  6. I like it! Simple and pretty More templates easy to download


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