Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At Work In The Studio

My husband took some really nice photos of me at work in my studio last week. We submitted to Florida International Magazine's Art and Design Issue. They are looking to feature FL artists at work in their studios. I won't know until early November whether or not I have been chosen to be included in this fabulous publication. Cross your fingers for me!

I thought you might be interested to see my work space, those of you who follow my collage art. It's always helpful to put things in context. You can see my clear bins of hand-painted papers behind me on my taboret, and I always work standing at the easel, rather than sitting at a table or desk.


  1. Hope you make it! What is a taboret? From what I see it looks like a bureau type piece of furniture. Does it hold more of your art supplies? Your openness in sharing with your fans so much of what, how and why you do and now where, is exceptional.

  2. Wonderful picture! And a great haircut, too. What are you holding? It looks like a stick but I can't figure out how you use it.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Elizabeth, and thanks for sharing your studio space with us.

  4. Taboret is a cart with wheels that sits next to the easel and the artist uses it to put supplies on, mine has a wide top and drawers up the middle, I have the clear paper drawers on top of it. it's nice because both the easel and the taboret are on wheels and can move around as needed.

    I am holding a paint brush, I apply the collage glue under and over with a brush.

    my studio space was built on a slab that previously held a shed in my back yard, so it's about 9x11 or so. I have to keep it clean or else it gets very small! It's just a perfect size for me and I have a path that runs from my back door to my studio. it's a wonderful space to call my own. :)


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