Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hand Made Paper by Judy

It's Finally Paper!

Now you can really appreciate how much of an art this paper making process is. When I use these papers in my collages, I know they are extra special and luxurious, when I glue them down I make sure they are in a prominent place, knowing what care and labor went into making them!

Often times people ask me if I make my own paper for my collages, with all that WORK involved, I can't even imagine... I admire Judy's talent and artistic ability so much.

I guess you could even say that I'm green with envy!


  1. How great it is to open up to this series of Judy's work this morning. What patience she presents in making the paper, sheet by sheet! Thank you Elizabeth and Judy for telling Judy's paper making story.

  2. Judy makes wonderful papers and I use them in my work, I wanted to share with people the time, love, and creativity that goes in to each sheet of paper Judy creates, before it ever becomes a part of my collage work!


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