Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amelia Island Collage Workshop

Day Two

First, we hand-painted papers for the collage. The group had great fun painting, splattering, stamping and mono printing all different kinds of art paper, textured paper, book pages, maps and personal ephemera. Then, I gave a demonstration of just how we would apply those wonderful collage papers over an under-painting on wood panel.

We got to know each other even better by having lunch together at the restaurant in the courtyard behind Sandra's Amelia SanJon Gallery. We had lunch together as a group each of the three days of the workshop. Sandra's partner in the Amelia Island Artists Workshops is Mikolean Longacre who helped organize lunch every day. I really felt that the lunches were a great way for us to socialize with one another, and it took the guesswork out of finding good restaurants on the island!

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  1. i had so much fun at the workshop! you are not only an incredible artist but have an awesome personality! i would recommend your workshops to anyone and everyone. thanks for making it such a fun time!!


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