Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Student Work

©Carla from Asheville, NC Workshop - bathing suits on the line

©Carol from Kentucky, DVD student

It's been a while since I posted some student work! First, Carla worked so hard on this bathing suit piece and her apple exercise from class, and then she gave each one to each of her daughters. What a great gift of love! I think she had great success with the water, very thin horizontal pieces make the water in the distance appear far away, larger flowing pieces in the front give us a feeling of close up.

Carol had purchased my DVD and just yesterday purchased my PDF book download here on the blog (right hand column) She said she was very excited about trying her hand at collage. I love the loose quality of this bird, very feathery feeling to me!

Great work by two great students. If you have purchased the DVD or PDF book download and would like to share your work, email me.


  1. What wonderful work by your students!!!
    You are just such and inspirational teacher.
    I just love the unusual "beach scene" with the towels and bikini. It IS summer.
    The birds has beautiful color and texture and shows a very intuitive and brilliant use of materials.

  2. Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing!


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