Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Fine Feathers" a stop action animation

My husband Doug Nelson is a photographer and all around technical master mind. Lately he's been experimenting with stop-action animation and decided to set up a camera that would automatically click a digital image every 20 seconds in my studio. The result was 1300 photos shot in about a 7+ hour timeframe. As I worked on Fine Feathers in the studio, the camera clicked away. He later took the photos into his MAC and put them together in Final Cut Express where he also added the acoustic guitar solo by Jon Liebing entitled "Red." Jon grew up around the corner from and attended school with my London roommate Suzanne Miazga who died in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 in 1988. I met Jon after the plane crash when I was visiting her family in upstate New York. I mention this because it is amazing how one event can change your whole life even 23 years later. Jon sent me his CD about two weeks ago and I listened to it while I was working on and filming the progression of this art! (hear more of Jon's original music here) If you have not yet seen my story on how these events changed my life, check it out on Growing Bolder!

Being a first attempt, Doug was not totally happy with the way the light of day dramatically changes the light on the artwork throughout the day. I have windows on every wall of my studio space and despite the fact that I had lights on in the studio, you can see it get much darker as the day progresses. Next time he plans to cover the windows and work solely with artificial controlled light balance.

I'm super happy with the results, I think it's a neat and interesting way to show the process from start to finish of this piece which is now on display at the Grand Bohemian Gallery Downtown Orlando. You can see the images of sketch, underpainting and finished collage in this previous post.


  1. Fascinating! To watch you at work throughout the building of this gorgeous piece is truly mind-blowing. Doug did a great job of taping you making a masterpiece.

  2. fine art shippingAmazing artwork, I'm grateful to see your masterpiece.Nice post.

  3. it is a fun way to watch, isn't it? if you look at the paper drawers you can see me moving from red to green to blue to yellow, and that's just how I work!

  4. Really fun to watch! I actually liked seeing the room get darker - really get the sense we're watching your whole day. I watched the other video you linked, also. You're very inspiring!


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