Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girl Scouts Seek Inspiration and Perspective

Our local Girl Scout Leader Sandy Bloom contacted me again this year about helping her troop earn their art badge. Last year I went to their meeting, this year they came to my studio.

The girls were excited about my studio space, I heard a lot of "this is so cool" and "I want a room like this" and "I love to draw!" I told them the story of how the studio was a shed and that my brother and I built it together from the ground up on the old concrete slab.

We talked about art licensing, I showed them canvas print reproductions as well as my art on Flashbags. We talked about the fact that all the graphics and patterns on their shirts were designed by artists, the girls went on to other examples like wallpaper and fabric and books. I am always so happy to inspire kids about a career as an artist. When they come and see my studio and then I point out to them the addition on my home that is our graphic design office, I think it helps them to see that art can be a successful and fun career.

Then we talked about deadlines and pressure to be creative even when you don't want to, and juggling work and a family and how work comes and goes when you are self employed. A little reality never hurts! I reminded that that art is a job just like any other.

In the end I gave them some one-point and two-point perspective, this was part of their badge requirements. Overall, I hope the visit to my studio gave the girls a little MORE perspective than just about the vanishing points!


  1. What a lovely person you are!!!
    Very generous and giving. I see so many examples of this on your blog and I like that you share this as it is an inspiration!!!
    I am so looking forward to finally meeting you as you are to be the guest demo person at my Leesburg Art League on March 26. I was so hoping I'd find a one day workshop from this winter...but you have been busy publishing books and making art!!!
    I was a Girl Scout leader for many years in another life so I know they appreciated you!!!

  2. Thank you Ginny! I was a girl scout for many years. My sister and I went to sleep away Girl Scout camp every summer and have fond memories for sure!

  3. What a wonderful thing to share your world with these girls. In a time when the arts are being cut from school programs, it is important for students to see it as a potential future.

  4. Yes! It is very important Angie. And speaking of art being cut from schools, I also try to do my part there by volunteering once a month to teach art and artists to 5th graders. I have done this for the past six years my kids have been in elementary school. Sponsored by the PTA!


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