Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Collage in 3-Dimension

Talk about a Stiff Neck!
Waaaaaay back when I was in college I decided I wanted to have a mannequin to paint. I had one that a friend got for me from a store closeout in Washington, but she came without the stand that she needed to be upright, and there was something about her laying on the floor in a standing position that just wasn't working for me!

Years later I climbed over and dug through a pile of dismembered mannequins to reassemble one complete sitting female (no stand required!) at a "used store fixtures" shop in Atlanta. I affectionately named her "Moppolin" after a doll my sister had when we were children (I had named that doll too). Moppolin was painted in Art Noveau inspired patterns back in 1991 and she has been keeping me company in my studio for many years. 

A few years ago I decided Moppolin needed a companion and I bought this "MAN" on E-bay. No digging, no climbing, no reassembling, just "click and ship!" The man had sat untouched in my studio with his female companion for quite sometime but something special happened about a month ago.

I had a piece of glue covered paper that I had placed down on my collage and the minute I did, I knew it was all wrong! Working quickly before the glue dried, I tore the paper off but hesitated to throw it into my recently cleaned trash bin, as I knew it would stick to the side and make a mess. So as not to break my collage rhythm, I looked for a quick place to stick this piece of paper. BAM! I stuck it to the mannequin, just to get it out of the way, and then it dawned on me....

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