Sunday, July 6, 2008

Interrupting Start to Finish...

Cows at COMMA
I am interrupting "Start to Finish" to remind you of the "Cows" exhibit at COMMA Gallery in Orlando, FL which will feature Paper Paintings. The opening reception is Tuesday, July 8th from 6:30-9pm. Visit Comma Gallery for more info.

This show has gotten great press! My Collage Cows have been featured in Orlando magazine, Orlando Arts Magazine, and the Orlando Sentinel Calendar Section on July 4th! COMMA made a poster for the show which features "Out to Pasture," a collage which can be seen in "previous posts" section of this blog.

Above is my second collage cow entitled "Bloo Cow" which was created from the same papers and in the same size (20x26) as "Out to Pasture" however this one stands vertical where the other is horizontal. They are both framed in barn wood frames which were custom hand crafted for me by Owen Tomlinson in Kentucky!

This show is a "must see" as there are 10+ local Orlando artists showing many different styles and interpretations of the subject matter. If you get there early, you might just get one of my homemade "cow patty" cookies!


  1. This is WONDERFUL!!! They are all so fun and beautiful! You make beauty out of such interesting things.
    Need to go now but I will be back to browse at my leisure!!

  2. THanks for taking the time! I appreciate your compliment.


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