Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Framing by Finn

Finn's Quick Ten of Custom Art Framing Tips
  1. Stay Consistent with Sizing. This will help in so many ways (pricing, ordering, storing, transporting, hanging, etc.)
  2. Search Hard for One, Two, or Three Different Styles of Framing to use. Choose wisely grasshopper.
  3. Disorganized Framing can Lead to a Chaotic Presentation. A consistent look in the frame molding keeps the focus on the art and gives a uniform look to the presentation.
  4. Find a Frame that Can Absorb a Ding. It happens.
  5. When Matting, Use Acid-Free Mats Only. They cost a buck or two extra. Maybe your foamcore isn't acid-free and your glass/plexiglass isn't UV, I may let you slide on that. But, your mats I'm gonna point that out every time.
  6. Consider Having your Canvases Professionally Stretched. We carry 2-inch deep stretcher that offers the art gallery wrap, no framing necessary.
  7. Recycling a Frame Can be Done Effectively.
  8. Quality Framing Does Help Present and Sell the Art.
  9. Consider Consulting a Professional Before Attempting any Stunts.
  10. No Frame is Better than a Bad Frame!
Mike Finnimore
Art Services, Ink.
Orlando, FL 

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