Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More on the Tea Theme

Tea Bag Wrappers Make Great Collage Elements!
Ever since the Scrap Bag Series (see older posts) I have been stuck on the "tea theme" I started collecting tea bag wrappers and tags that I had hoped to incorporate into my work. I added these goodies to my collection of Chinese fortunes. This week I decided to do a collage of bamboo, because I'm tired of tea! (The Scrap Bag series ended up being 12 works in the tea theme all at the size of 12x12.)

I love that I have incorporated a lot of texture and non-local color into the bamboo stalks. I used very long thin torn strips to give the bamboo its texture, in addition to tea bag papers and fortunes, I also used some Chinese paper that I have here with printing on it which is so thin, that the colors below it show through nicely.

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