Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SCC Fine Arts Gallery Upcoming Show

More New Work
Moritake Butterfly II (top). I did a version of this on an off-white background (bottom) a few months ago that I just was not happy with. I loved the leaves, I just did not love the off-white background. Several folks told me they really liked the original Moritake Butterfly, which made me want to do it again, only more to my own liking. I am working on wood panel, and a golden glaze of acrylic over the wood, with some metallic glaze layers worked in, is my favorite way to let the wood grain show through, and create a warm and inviting background

By the way, for those of you who are curious...Moritake was a Japanese Haiku master. The poem that this Paper Painting was inspired by goes like this:

The falling flower
I saw drift back to the branch
Was a butterfly.


  1. I like the elegant asian flavor!

  2. Thanks! I should have asked everyone to comment on whether they preferred the white background, or the golden one as I do. Which do you prefer?

  3. I just love BOTH of these!! Haiku enables sparse words to create beautiful images... Just as your papers enables you to create beautiful images.

  4. Thanks Marian, and you are right, the more interesting papers I find, the more unique collages I can create. Robin Maria Pedrero has shared many tea tag papers and fortunes with me that I used in a piece entitled "Infusion."

    Anyone have unique papers they want to share?


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