Monday, January 12, 2009

Calling All Collage Artists

Collaboration and Collage
Online I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful artists from all over the world. Kaite Matilda from Australia commented on my blog, and so I went to her blog, Yarngarden. Here we got to chatting and Kaite and I decided to swap collage supplies! She sent me a bag full of canceled Aussie postage stamps, and I sent her an envelope full of paper, among other tidbits...hand made paper by my friend and local artist, Judith Segall.

Jo Reimer commented on my collage work, and when I visited her blog, One A Day, and found that she was hand painting many of her own collage papers. Now I do this as well, but often find I end up with the same color palette and some of the same solutions, so I asked Jo about trading some papers so that I could open up my creativity by using some hand painted papers that might take me out of my normal comfort zone. Jo and I traded, she sent me some really amazing papers with writing and marbled paint, great stuff! My recently posted cupcake, Something to Celebrate, includes not only some of Jo's paper, but also some of Kaite's stamps!

So to all you artists out there, I propose this: Contact me if you want to swap a 9x13 manilla envelope stuffed with some of my favorite papers, for some of your favorite hand painted papers and we'll see just what we kind of collage work we can collaborate on!


  1. wow this sounds amazing but i am totally new to collage and not sure how to make these hand painted papers but what a fabulous idea sounds very inspiring

  2. oh that sounds like fun!!! I will have to get some stuff together....

  3. I hope you keep doing this. I haven't been collaging long enough to have a nice supply of papers, but hope to within the next few months and I'm sure I will want to participate then. Great idea!


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