Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Gallery Representation

Something to Celebrate!
12x12, collage on panel
Just this past week I was confirmed as a gallery artist at the Celebrations Gallery in CT. This is very exciting for me as my good friend and fellow artist Robin Maria Pedrero is already there, and we do love working and exhibiting together! In fact, it is thanks to Robin that I got in to the gallery in the first place! We are currently planning to have a featured artist exhibition together at Celebrations Gallery in May. Some of you may remember that Robin and I did "Chalk Paper Scissors" together in downtown Orlando, as well as our Seminole Community College show in Sanford. Being two New England girls, we look forward to revisiting our roots!

I created this cupcake to celebrate the beginning of what I anticipate will be a great relationship! Celebrations Gallery has a confetti theme going on with their logo and website, so Jackie asked me to send a few cupcakes. I created this one just for them.


  1. Congratulations on the new gallry representation. I see a bit of my paper on the left edge just below center. This is a fun little collaboration, this trading painted papers.

  2. oh what wonderful news Elizabeth!!!

    Congrats on the new Gallery...and you know how much I love my cupcakes!!! this one is wonderful....

    I so love your paper paintings...

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  3. congratulations and celebrations are definately deserved. This celebratory cupcake does look so 'Party'. Go girl! K.

  4. Yea! Congratulations, Elizabeth! I love your celebration cupcake and had attempted to leave a comment about your more recent stunning peacock painting. Your work makes my eyes smile and my heart sing.
    I will be posting my completed attempt at your technique later today on my blog.

  5. NIce cupcake!! Jackie will just luv it! Look out world here we come!

  6. Congratulations! That's very cool :)

  7. Wow! such quick comments. Somehow the simple cupcake image rings true to many people. Maybe because it offers us comfort and simplicity. I will need to remember that, think about what else we take comfort in. :) Thanks, as always, for all your support!


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