Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rays of Hope on eBay

Eve of Inauguration Art Auction
A Brighter Future--Rays of Hope, 18 x 23.75, mixed media collage on panel
On the eve of this historic presidential inauguration, I have decided to put A Brighter Future -- Rays of Hope up for auction on eBay. I completed this art on election night, 11/4/08 (see older posts).

I recently read a Time magazine article which featured several portraits that had been done of Barak Obama, and let me tell you there were tons of them, in a huge array of styles and media. I was impressed with the creativity and artistic ability that was featured. 

Obama's got some great supporting of the arts and art programs up his sleeve as well. I am happy to say, "Yes We Did!" Here's to many more artistic interpretations of our 44th president.


  1. a beautiful portrait Elizabeth. I wonder if Obama himself will bid? it's so good he just might. I especially like the maps on his collar, you are so full of symbolism girl! K.

  2. Thanks Kaite! I was working on sheep the other day and used two stamps. need to take a photo to show you! Do you know anyone who knows Obama's email address? LOL

  3. what a wonderful piece !!!

    Here's to the much needed change...



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