Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sanford Seminole Collage Workshop

Enjoying Art and the Florida Weather
Cindi Freeman (left) and I discussing her collage still life

Last weekend I taught a half-day workshop in Sanford that was a lot of fun. We setup outside and though it was cool at 9am, by 10:00 or so, it was just beautiful!

Many of the artists who took the workshop had never even experimented with collage before, and the comment I heard the most was "this is fun!"

Collage is fun, finding materials is fun, combining, overlapping and glueing is fun. Knowing that you can cover up your mistakes with new paper and that collage is very forgiving... that makes it even more fun!

I will be posting some of the work that was created at the workshop here on my blog. Right now I have in-progress photos, but I am hoping to get some photos of finished pieces! I am hoping that my inspiration goes beyond Saturday, and that these folks will actually finish their pieces.

Next Collage Workshop: February 7/8 at the Artist's Workshop of New Smyrna Beach,  contact Nancy Hagood, 386-690-1281, or http://www.artistsworkshopinc.com


  1. Hi Elizabeth...what fun!!! I wish I lived closer so I could have made it out...

    I am going to try my hand at one of these today....


  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Oh, New Smyrna Beach! I've been there many times, my Mother-in-law grew up there and the family goes back for vacations- we were there last summer. I know your workshop will be great!



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