Friday, January 23, 2009

Chanticleer, 20x24, mixed media collage


  1. I have just found your blog. I love your work!
    WOW! I'm putting you on my favorites list so I can keep up with your latest.


  2. I find if hard to believe that paper can look so real! It is just beautiful.

  3. I agree with what steviewren said. Just doesn't seem possible to put little pieces of paper together and make a picture. I really like this chicken and the blue cows.

  4. Found you through Robin. Amazingly cool! Looking forward to exploring your blog!

  5. Okay, I dont' like chickens, I hate when people have little statues of chickens in their chickens- I think that's really really strange, especially since we cook with chicken a lot.

    I love this piece- which I hope you now know- is overcoming a strong dislike for chicken art. You have made me a believer.


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