Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cub Scouts Visit the Studio

The Boys from Den 3, Pack 773 in Longwood, FL visited my art studio this week. The scouts were on a mission to talk to an artist in the field regarding occupations in the art world. We even discussed primary, secondary and tertiary colors on the color wheel at the request of their Pack Leader, Kevin Morrissey. Isn't it amazing that all colors in the entire spectrum can be mixed from red, green and blue?

Kevin informed me that there is a section in their handbook about collage, so I demonstrated for the boys how I achieve my painterly effects with torn paper. We talked about starting with hand painted paper and they all got a kick out of my son's workbook pages that I had painted, since they are all classmates! The boys had some interesting questions (and stories) and in the end, it was all about exposure to something new.


  1. How did the Boy Scouts find you? That's really great that they have "art" in their badges - what happened to "fire building" and "catch an animal with a noose"?

  2. how nice- what a great thing to do as a scout-

    i just watched your DVD today that arrived in the mail yesterday. I love it! I do a similar type of collage and wanted to see how you do your technique. I love paper, i love collage...


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