Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Bird of a Different Feather

The Cool Bird in Warm Colors is Complete!
20x24 | collage on panel | framed in reclaimed barn wood

Here it is, ready to be included in my featured artist exhibition at the Katharine Butler Gallery in Sarasota, FL which opens on November 20, 6-10pm

I received another shipment of hand crafted reclaimed barn wood frames from my faithful frame maker Owen Tomlin in Kentucky, who makes the most wonderful frames I could ask for! Often times I put Owen and his wife Louise through the wringer, asking for more frames with tighter deadlines! They always take good care of me though. Check out their website, they also hand make turkey calls! Tell them that Elizabeth sent you.


  1. I always like the form and colour of your collages and I keep forgetting to click on your images. When I do I am so startled by what I see. So much interesting texture and layers to book. This looks great.

  2. Thanks very much! this is actually a marginal photo, I took myself. I am waiting on a really good one from my husband's camera and then I might substitute, his camera takes way better photos!!

  3. Elizabeth, I'm so inspired by your work since I came across it a few weeks ago! This warm peacock has turned out beautifully!


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