Saturday, November 28, 2009

Looking in on Jane

My Mother Poses With Her Portrait

My Mom visited for Thanksgiving from Massachusetts and it was the first time she had ever seen her portrait "Looking in on Jane" in person. She had only seen it in print in my book. What makes this collage significant is not only that it's my first collage, AND a portrait of my mother, but that it contains personal notes and ephemera dating back to before my birth, including my Mother's graduation from Nursing School the year before she had me. There is also a diaper pin and baby photos of me included with my first pediatrician's visit bill ($5.00)

This piece is on display with three others at the Casselberry Art House through the end of the month.


  1. What a fantastic thing to have your mother be able to stand in front of this piece and see all the LOVE you put there :)

  2. yes, I was really glad she was able to see it in person, finally.


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