Monday, November 2, 2009

Reusing is Recycling

Starbucks, Anyone?

Cardinal Out on a Limb, Detail | Les Plumes II, Detail | Out To Pasture, Detail

I have been using Starbucks bags in my work for years. Recently they changed their small bags for the holiday season, removing the wonderful grass green I have become so accustomed to using in my landscapes, and golden brown with zig zag pattern I love to use in the bird collges. I am currently working on two cows and when I went to grab my Starbucks green, I noticed that the new holiday bag is teal.

I flipped over the new holiday bag and it says "Reusing is Recycling" along with other verbiage about the many ways you can reuse a Starbucks bag. This stuck in my mind, as did a blurb I read the other day which stated, "Collage is the original form of recycling!"

This got me thinking. Do you think Starbucks might be interested in seeing how I take their bags to the original form of recycled material? So I went to their website, which was very detailed and confusing in terms of finding a place to show them my use of their bags.

So I ask you.... does anyone know someone in Starbucks marketing that I could send my collages to? You just never know, a contact name could be a foot in the door. Do me a favor and forward this blog post around, SOMEONE knows someone I'm sure!


  1. i dont know anyone but i'm certain you can find someone. why don't you look up the regional manager and ask him about putting your art in their shops.

    or you could make a post on their website: and put your idea that they should have a website or something dedicated to linking to people who have used starbucks products in recycling and offer a link to your site so they can see what you're talking about. maybe they'll use your work as a header to their site. it could work!!

  2. I love the top cardinal!! I know you and with your perseverence IT will happen!

  3. Leah, I am digging, but I have found others online who say that Starbucks is a FORTRESS you can't find emails or phone numbers and you can't get to anyone in there. I am hoping to find someone who knows someone, I think that's the only way. Not sure if my local shop would be able to help. I need to get to Seattle! I will try the weblink you gave, that sounds promising. thanks for your help!

    Robin, you are right, if I keep digging I'll turn up gold.

  4. I love your cardinal. Don't give up on showing your art to Starbucks. Why not ask at your local store. Maybe they can give you a contact!

  5. Not a bad idea, to ask my local store, after all we ARE on a first name basis over there!!

  6. I took Leah's advice and posted my idea on that Starbucks site, a representative there gave me an address to mail to, I guess there is no emailing! but an address is a good start.


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