Saturday, November 28, 2009

Exquisite Harmony

Looking for Inspiration

Lullaby | 15x30 | collage on panel

Next September I have been offered the amazing opportunity of a solo exhibition at the Maitland Art Center. The theme of the show will be Art and Music, which is fitting because I also play the violin for the Maitland Symphony Orchestra. I have been looking for musical inspiration for the 30-40 collages I will need for this significant show. This evening I attended the Home for the Holidays concert with my daughter performed by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, all the while thinking about unique and different ways to visually represent music.

I hope to keep blog postings of my musical progress leading up to the show. I'd love suggestions of what visuals bring music to mind for you, if you have a moment to comment.


  1. Wonderful! How about a series of musical instruments, more of your popular birds perched on lines of music, famous musicians (elvis, fats, cher), piano keys. Everything has to have music in it since that's your niche for this show. What fun you'll have with this.

  2. Oh Elizabeth so much comes to mind ... two flutists, a string ensemble, collage of different kinds of music -- classical, country jazz, blues, hip hop, what ever is today, baroque music ... titles of music for children . I have a CD of a harp friend with the music she plays in the neonatal unit . I can give you a copy of the titles .

    Group of harps with players . notes dancing over the page ... collage of music albums, the 75, 45, cd's dvd's --- titles of your favorite violin pieces, conductor with baton, orchestra empty chairs, waiting for the players ..

    Music of tears, of joy, of laughter, of peace .. of comfort . healing music ..

    Drummer .. music for the seasons, for the fall,

    Colors of music ..Happy Sunday! Music under the stars! New Orleans ... what is the festival before Lent ... musicians who inspired or inspire .. performance and composers, conductors

    waltz -- dancers -- enough for now!

  3. I just wanted to mention sheet music and birds, which you've already thought of I'm sure -- then I remembered your wonderful peacock picture... Don't use peacocks! (or any other bird that sounds awful)

  4. Ha ha, awful sounding birds are out huh? I am hoping to create a white peacock with all text, don't you think that would be interesting? but maybe not for the music show. Songbirds, are nice. and I actually did three cardinals this weekend. My break from birds has given me what I needed. I did think of song birds when I thought of music. ME, what great ideas! Keep them coming, I appreciate everyone taking the time to comment!

  5. WOW!! Your work is incredible! I am must getting into collage...It is challenge enough to paint or draw something and have it "look" like what you had in mind...but to abstractly, create what you do, from ripped and torn just beyond my expectations! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Deja Brew!! The colors, the is just incredible! How much is it? Please email me at Thank you!


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