Sunday, November 15, 2009

Featured Artist Exhibit

Buttercup #1 & 2 | 30x20 | collage on panel | ©2009 Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

Opening Reception Friday 11/20, 6-10pm | Show Runs Nov. 19-Dec. 12

Katharine Butler Gallery, 1943 Morrill St., Sarasota, FL will feature Paper Paintings along with the pottery of Charlie Barmonde and the oil paintings of Martha Kelly.

I will be giving a Demonstration of my collage technique at the Gallery on Saturday, December 5, from 2-4pm. Come out and Join us!

Paper Paintings collages will include images of animals and nature, including blueberries on a branch, dogwood blossoms, warm colored peacock, and cows! I will have at least 10 new pieces in this show that have not been exhibited before. Please introduce yourself to me if you make it to the opening, I'll be driving over from Orlando and will be there from 6pm until at least 8:30pm.

Katharine Butler Gallery is located in Towles Court Artists Colony, spend the evening of the opening strolling and enjoying live music, restaurants and other art galleries and shops.


  1. Good luck with your show; love the cows and sunflowers!

  2. congratulations on the show. Once again you're getting yourself out there and promoting your business. Good for you!
    Love the cows. They remind me of my father's 'white face' cows; each of them has her own look.

  3. Love the cows - I want to know if they are happy California cows? :) Good luck on the show - hope you sell a bunch of your work and have to make more!

  4. Love these guys/gals or to me just cows their brown, black and white colors on their faces! I feel if there were sound I could hear their mooo's. And the splash of sunflowers is more than a delight. They are special topping my list of life experiences. One day I will tell you my sunflower story. Now in mid November I have a 6 inch miniature small face sunflower blooming on my living room porch!

  5. I hope I sell a lot of work too! and thanks for ALL of your kind words. I love the cows too, I try to get away from farm and agricultural images, but they keep drawing me back .... :)


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