Thursday, December 31, 2009

Derwent Ink Tense Pencils

Art Supplies for Christmas!
My wonderful husband purchased a full set of Derwent InkTense Pencils for me, what a treat! These pencils go down like a colored pencil, then you can go over them with water, and they blend into very intense color! What's best about this is that once they dry, they have the properties of ink and not water color, they are permanent!

I have been experimenting with leaving some painted backgrounds in my collage work lately and I thought that the pencils would be a wonderful way to do some mark making in the background. After some experimentation I decided that I like leaving some of the line as well as washing some of it out. I wondered though, how would the varnish application affect the line that had not been washed? I did some digging and decided to purchase some Lascaux spray acrylic varnish to put over the pencil areas in a light coat before applying the brush Golden UV Acrylic Varnish coat. The spray varnish should seal the pencil marks without blending them, and then I can apply a heavy brushed varnish coat on top.

Some photos of the pencil line work show what a nice addition this is to the painterly background.


  1. your work. Just found you via Paper, Cloth, Scissors.
    I too love working with torn papers and mixed media.

  2. I have some of these pencils too...can't remember who told me about them but I have enjoyed using them in my sketch book. I never would have thought of them added to collage. You are always "thinking outside the box". I am blogging a little about you tomorrow.

  3. Tara, very cool, welcome! you may want to subscribe, and check out my newsletter. I try to do lots of fun things here!

    Thanks Ginny!!

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    Just received the DVD in the mail and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching it. You achieve such a beautiful painterly effect with the torn paper. Really nice work!!!


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